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What Doctors Immediate Care Can Do for You

When a patient needs a doctor they do not want to sit in line for a long time waiting for their turn. They want to get in to see the doctor and get on with their lives. That is why you should call us at 630-236-0900.

Patients often want an independent medical examination, often known as a second opinion; we gladly provide that second opinion. As an independent doctor, we will often agree with what you have already been told. However, we will give you a different opinion when we do not agree. We will help you sort through the choices available and decide on the best one for you.

After an injury, employers and insurance companies often need a functional capacity examination. This test determines how much strength has returned to the injured area. We are experts at giving this test and helping you understand the results and the impacts on your life.

The opportunity to get a new job is an exciting time in anyone’s life. Often times, the new employee must prove that they are well enough to do that job. We provide substance abuse testing in naperville and offer pre-employment screenings for Illionis.

Kids love to be involved in sports. Most school districts, including the Naperville IL district, require a sport’s physical before the child can participate. We offer these physicals quickly, so your child can be on the team. Many parents, like those in Naperville, like to have a physical each year before school starts. We can offer these school physicals quickly without having to wait in line at the doctor’s office. Also, when the flu season starts we proudly offer the flu shot to keep everyone well.

So whenever a need for a doctor occurs then consider us as your first stop. We offer a low-cost alternative to the long lines at your regular doctor’s office in naperville IL. We work closely with them to coordinate your care. Come see us for your second opinions, your pre-employment health needs, your sport or school physicals and your flu shots. We are eager to see you when ever the need arises.