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What is Immediate Care

Immediate care is quick, responsive, and effective medical treatment that is available outside of an emergency room. In truth, only the most serious conditions such as a heart attack or stroke require a visit to the emergency room. Immediate care offers a secondary option for those patients who need to see a medical professional quickly but do not require an emergency room visit. The next time that a minor emergency has occurred and you need immediate care, get connected with our medical team right away.

The immediate care facility located conveniently in Naperville offers fantastic care to all citizens. There are times when everyone will need to see a medical staff member quickly to take care of an injury or illness. By visiting an immediate care facility, not only are the cost lower, but the emergency room is freed up for those with truly life threatening problems.

Everyone is aware that emergency room waits can be torturously long and inconvenient. The immediate care facility in Naperville, IL offers quick treatment without the long wait. This facility is the ideal place to take broken bone injuries, minor illnesses and other non life threatening conditions. The staff is technically trained to provide the best care possible to all patients. The clinic also accepts most insurance, allowing your paid benefits to be used. Since the care is often less expensive than a traditional emergency room visit, there is often much less out of pocket cost to the individual patient.

Rather your next reason for a visit to an immediate care facility is a broken bone, prolonged illness, or just a worrying symptom, the doctors and staff will be able to direct you towards the right treatment quickly and inexpensively. Save time and hassle by visiting the immediate care facility instead of waiting hours and hours in the emergency room to only be given a prescription and sent on your way. Immediate care facilities are equipped to be able to take the time to address your full illness or injury, treat it, as well as provide sufficient relief from pain and other discomforting symptoms.

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