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Urgent Care Lombard

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For Urgent Care in Lombard, Illinois, IL your nearest Doctors Immediate Care is located at:

Urgent Care Lombard


18W511 Roosevelt Rd

Phone: (630) 953-4500

Doctors Immediate Care Clinic in Lombard is a walk in, no appointment needed medical clinic. We treat families and individuals of all ages. The excellent team at Doctors Immediate Care is available during our extended week day and week end hours to treat any non-life threatening illness or injury requiring immediate attention.Remember that an Emergency Room in Lombard is the right choice for potentially life-threatening conditions, such as chest pains, head injuries, abdominal pain or severe bleeding.Our clinics do offer the typical services that would be termed “urgent care” services in other states.In addition, your insurance company is likely to require the typical co-pay for an urgent care center and list Doctors Immediate Care in their directory as an “urgent care clinic.”

Doctors Immediate Care operates an Urgent Care Lombard, IL. Doctors Immediate Care in Lombard, IL, however, does not offer services for emergency medical problems. If you think that you may be suffering a true emergency, you should call 911 or visit your local hospital emergency department.

You’re encouraged to check with your insurance company before an urgent situation arises so you’ll be familiar with your plan’s coverage.

If you live in Lombard, Illinois, IL and suffer a minor illness or injury that is not a true emergency, but you cannot get a timely appointment with your personal physician in Lombard, then Doctors Immediate Care is here for you.

Welcome To Our Clinics

Welcome To Our

  Walk-In Clinics

  Mon-Fri: 10.00 AM to 8.00 PM      
Sat : 10.00 AM to 4.00 PM

Doctors Immediate Care

18W511 Roosevelt Rd,
Lombard, IL-60148


Open: Monday -Friday-9.00 AM to 9.00 PM
           Sat 10.00 AM to 4.00 PM

When Using GPS,Please Use :

18W511 Roosevelt Rd,
Lombard, IL-60148