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Sports Physicals – Naperville

The Doctors Immediate Care is a perfect place for the Sports Physical in Naperville and really helpful to provide the deserving and qualified candidates for any sports game. The state requires every child or adult should face sports physical exam test which consisted of the medical and physical exam before to participate and enroll in any sports. The aim of conducting the physical is to judge the athlete’s normal health, present health and fitness condition and also have any risk injury.

Our Primary Care physicians are performing the tests, especially for the grade school and also for the high school students. The Doctors Immediate Care will complete the examination in an impressive and accurate way and outcome are displayed in a quick and also for the convenience and ease of the athletes.

Normally for the sports physical we conduct the medical and also physical tests, while performing the medical test we ask or enquire about the previous existing disease, whatever diseases may be such as thyroid or asthma, and any injury which leads for hospitalization. In the examination if disease detected, we suggest the candidate to work and planned with us both to carry out and problem can be dealt easily and also prepare for the sports game.

For “Sports Physicals” in Naperville, Illinois. Your nearest Doctors Immediate Care is located at:

Doctors Immediate Care

1025 Ogden Ave
Illinois, 60532

Phone: (630) 596-5151


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