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School Physicals Lombard

The Doctors Immediate Care gives the exceptional service for the School Physicals in Lombard and now these days almost every school require physical exam to join and participate in the sports and any other extracurricular activities.

The Doctors Immediate Care is also widely popular because of our unique approach and services in a better way; we perform examinations for various tests which include such as verifying keenly on the whole medical history, measuring of height and weight, urinalysis testing, vision and hearing test.

The Doctors Immediate Care doctors are very skilled, efficient and well-qualified to seek the test result in a quickly and always stands for reforms in health care sector, it makes our life more secure and healthy, we are serving the people of the health care at an highest level. The Doctors Immediate Care conducts the examination and treatment at a reasonable cost and easily affordable to the common people. We get maximum health care at a convenient and also comfort level.

For School Physicals Lombard, Illinois. Your nearest Doctors Immediate Care is located at:

Doctors Immediate Care

18W511 Roosevelt Rd

Phone: (630) 953-4500


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Doctors Immediate Care

18W511 Roosevelt Rd,
Lombard, IL-60148


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18W511 Roosevelt Rd,
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