Doctors Immediate Care walk in clinics offer companies and their employees medical and physical examinations provided on a walk-in basis to help corporations answer the most fundamental question during the hiring process: “Does this prospective applicant have the required physical capabilities to perform the essential functions of his/her job as outlined in the Job Description?”

Our pre-employment physicals will help employers with Health Risk Assessments, Regulatory and Compliance Examinations (DOT and Non DOT), Fitness-For-Duty Examinations and general Wellness exams.

Doctors Immediate Care Can Help Employers Prevent

  • Negligent Hiring Lawsuits
  • Time lost recruiting, hiring and training the unfit employees
  • Help prevent absenteeism due to injury and illness

The physicians at Doctors Immediate Care will carefully review your occupational history. They’ll also ask questions about your medical conditions and history before proceeding with your pre-employment physical examination. Our providers are trained to provide a thorough medical examination which typically includes visual acuity and vital signs, including blood pressure, urine dip test, complete neurological evaluation, evaluation of the cardiovascular system, evaluation of the respiratory system, skin, lymphatic systems, head, eyes, ears, nose, and throat, musculo-skeletal systems and more.

What is a pre employment physical exam?

Employee Physical Exams. A physical exam is often included as part of the employment screening process for companies. The purpose of the physical is to make sure the employee’s health is compliant with any job-related requirements for the position they are applying for.

What is involved in a pre employment medical examination?

Other specific pre-employment medical examination requirements may include: Audiometry (hearing test, including WorkCover WA audio compliance) Spirometry (lung function test) Drug and alcohol testing (instant or laboratory) Work fitness assessments (otherwise known as functional capacity evaluations).

Why physical examination is important before employment?

Your prospective employer may request physical examination procedures to ensure you are of sound physical health to handle the job offered. However, some job requirements could compel them to do so for the safety of your co-workers or public health purposes.