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Annual health checkup for adults

Do you want to maintain good health all the year round? But, not finding time to visit the clinic either because you are busy or healthy. You have to get your annual health check-up done even if you are healthy. Our doctors can recommend you if there is any weight loss or gain and also under certain conditions like blood pressure. At Doctors Immediate Care, we always wish everyone to be healthy and convenient. Our doctors have come up with the annual checklist, so that you may stay healthy this year round (2015).

Annual health checkup for adults


Primary care Physician

Discuss your health concerns with primary care physician, who can suggest you best lifestyle changes to prevent the same. Make some time to visit any of our clinics where the service is available, this way you can prevent disease attacks.

Visit Gynecologist

Go to a Gynecologist and get all the necessary tests done, like breast examination,  STI/STD test.

Make your Dentist appointment

Get your teeth cleaned at the clinic, dentists can identify gum diseases, cavities or oral cancer. Make sure that you brush the teeth twice a day and at least for 2minutes. This can keep you from dentists.

Consult Dermatologist

Get your skin examined by a dermatologist frequently. Avoid spending long time in the sun, protect yourself with an umbrella.


Vaccines are the best alternatives to protect yourself and your loved ones from the contagious diseases. Get the Flu shots during the Flu season, HPV vaccines for young women, you can get advice from our professional doctors available at our clinics.

These general guidelines are not meant to replace advice from your medical doctor.

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