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Affordable Medical Clinic in Naperville, IL

Most people today are concerned about the growing cost of health care. With a high unemployment rate, many people no longer have health insurance. Others who are employed have had to choose higher deductibles to make ends meet and still have some kind of insurance. The most affordable type of health care for minor emergencies is an immediate care facility in Naperville. So when life hands you the minor emergency head to see them at 1301 South Route 59 Suite 107 in Naperville, Illinois.In the case of major problems like a heart attack or a stroke, minutes do count, so call 911. A life is too important for money to count at these times. Otherwise, save money and use the medical services of an immediate care facility.Many health conditions are best treated promptly. When left untreated, these minor health conditions lead to bigger a problem costing even more money to solve. Take, for example, the case of Marty. Marty was an outstanding student who developed a minor cold. His parents decided to let it run its course. A week later, when most colds are over, Marty’s cold seemed to be getting worse. His parents finally took him to see their primary care provider in Naperville. Marty’s primary care provider diagnosed Marty with pneumonia and told his parents that Marty would have to be hospitalized. In the hospital, Marty continued to have problems recovering. He was eventually placed in intensive care for three days, before he started to recover. The entire hospital stay cost Marty’s parents many thousands of dollars. Instead, Marty could have been seen directly at an immediate care facility like the one in Naperville and given a standard injection of antibiotics. Marty would have been well and off quickly to being a kid.

So when life hands you those unforeseen difficulties head to a Naperville immediate care facility. Do not wait, because early treatment is cost effective.

For “Affordable Medicine” in Naperville, Illinois. Your nearest Doctors Immediate Care is located at:

Doctors Immediate Care

1120 E Ogden Ave

Phone: (630) 596-5151

Doctors Immediate Care - Naperville

1025 Ogden Ave,
Lisle, Illinois 60532, United States.


Doctors Immediate Care - Lombard

18W511 Roosevelt Rd,
Lombard, IL-60148


Doctors Immediate Care - Chicago North Lincolnwood

3452 West Devon Ave,
Lincolnwood, Illinois 60172,