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Immediate Care

Doctors Immediate care clinics provide convenient access to Walk-In treatment for sudden or unexpected illnesses and injuries that are beyond the scope of a typical Primary Care practice, but don’t merit a costly or long trip to the ER.

We are having immediate care centers in convenient locations, such as Naperville Immediate Care, Immediate Care Clinic in Lombard and Immediate Care center in Morton Grove

Many illnesses and injuries don’t arise at convenient times and don’t come at a time when you can make Appointments ahead of time. Come to see our Immediate Care¬†Clinic for any sickness or injury, and you can follow up with us at our clinic. We treat for accidents, physical examinations, cold, cough and flu, preventive screenings, travel health, headaches, urinary tract infections etc.

Customer service is the essence at Doctors Immediate Care.

We Offer

  • Convenience: Most patients are treated and released in about an hour; 3 Urgent Care locations to serve you.
  • Affordable: We Accept Most Insurances; lower co-pays then ER visits.
  • Top Quality: Board-certified or Eligible physicians, most with ER experience.
  • Comprehensive: On-site diagnostic tests, STD Testing, laboratory and x-rays, saving you time and money.
  • Patient-Focused: Doctors Immediate Care provides follow-up reports to primary care physicians within 24 hours whenever requested.
  • Prompt Treatment for Injuries: Cuts, Scrapes & Broken Bones, Wounds & Burns, Sprains & Strains.
  • Urgent Care for Illnesses: Colds, Fevers, Viruses, Flu.
  • Walk In Clinic: Our Non Urgent Care or Immediate Care services are offered on a walk-in basis with no appointment needed. You will be treated by a Licensed and trained medical doctor, not Physician Assistants or Nurse Practitioners. Our Physicians are Board-certified and experienced doctors who are experts in effective medical treatments.
  • Primary Care Clinic: The Doctors Immediate Care physician team cares for the whole person – not just one issue or ailment.
  • Other Immediate Care Services:Lab Testing, X-Rays, DOT & Insurance Physicals, EKG Services, Drug Screenings, Sports, School & Camp Physicals, Occupational Health, Work Compensation Services.

When to Visit Doctors Immediate Care

Minor burns or injuriesSprains and strainsCoughs, colds, and sore throats
Ear infectionsAllergic reactions (non life-threatening)Fever or flu-like symptoms
Rash or other skin irritationsMild asthmaAnimal bites
Broken BonesMinor trauma and lacerationsSinus infections
AllergiesBladder infectionsBronchitis
Abdominal pain.Abrasions.Allergic reactions.
Eye irritation.Urinary tract infections.Infections.
High-density lipoprotein (HDL)Drug screensSTD checks and Treatment
Pap smearsPregnancy verificationWeight management,
Sore throats and sinus infectionsEar and eye infectionsPhysical examinations
VaccinationsSprains and strainsHeadaches
On Site Laboratory TestingDiagnostic TestingRespiratory Infections
HIV/STD TestingCuts to hands, feet, lipsAnimal Bites
Splinter, Staple, Stitch Application and RemovalInfections, RashesPoison Oak, Poison Ivy
Infections, Rashes and Cold SoresNail Injuries

and more

When is it Better to go to the Emergency Room?

The ER is the best place for these and other critical conditions, including: Chest pain, Difficulty breathing, Severe bleeding or head trauma, Loss of consciousness, Sudden loss of vision or blurred vision, serious condition like stroke, heart attack, severe bleeding, head injury or other major trauma.

Doctors Immediate Care - Naperville

1025 Ogden Ave,
Lisle, Illinois 60532, United States.
Chicago 10 minutes drive


Doctors Immediate Care - Lombard

18W511 Roosevelt Rd,
Lombard, IL-60148
Chicago 7 minutes drive


Doctors Immediate Care - Morton Grove

3452 West Devon Ave,
Lincolnwood, Illinois 60172,
Chicago 5 minutes drive