We do not provide treatment for serious or life threatening medical conditions.

Doctors Immediate Care provides urgent care for any non emergency injuries that may have occurred at the work place. Call your local office to make an appointment.

What is a work related injury?

You must consider an injury or illness to be work-related if an event or exposure in the work environment either caused or contributed to the resulting condition or significantly aggravated a pre-existing injury or illness.

What are the most common types of accidents and injuries in the workplace?

The most common accidents and injuries in the workplace are:

– Slips, trips and falls
– Muscle strains
– Being hit by falling objects
– Repetitive strain injury
– Crashes and collisions
– Cuts and lacerations
– Inhaling toxic fumes
– Exposure to loud noise
– Walking into objects
– Fights at work

What is the number one workplace injury?

Overexertion Injuries. This includes injuries related to pulling, lifting, pushing, holding, carrying, and throwing activities at work. Overexertion not only consistently been the number one workplace injury according but is also the most expensive.