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Reasonably Priced Urgent Care Coupons by Doctors Immediate Care Inc.

(Leading Immediate and urgent care provider in Illinois introduces easy, reasonably priced coupons for Self-Pay Patients)

Doctors Immediate Care, the premier independent provider of Immediate Care and Urgent Care services in Illinois, presents a great opportunity for Self-Pay Patients (who has no insurance plan or inactive insurance coverage or insurance plan not in the network) in the form of convenient and cost-effective priced coupons to avail lab services and routine procedures.

Some of the plans include:
1. $35 off on regular office visit
2. Discount prices on Professional services like Nurse only Visit $30, Simple Visit $110, Intermediate Visit $114, Detailed Visit $199, etc.
3. Adult Wellness Screening Package – $149
4. Comprehensive STD Testing – $249
5. Electrocardiogram (ECG) – $75,
6. Doctors Immediate Care Medical Discount Card – $50, etc.

All the Doctor Immediate Care Centers have doctors on-site all the time, Open 7 Days a week, 365 days a year to offer Healthcare Services for Uninsured, Self-Pay patients with Affordable, simple and Transparent Prices. Customer service is the essence here and it exceeds beyond the expectations.

“We have great success in delivering fast and affordable Professional Health Care needs and are excited to continue expanding our presence in the Illinois Region providing prompt-pay discount to self-pay patients when payment is made in full at the time of the visit. We have negotiated discounted lab charges with a outside lab for the most common lab tests. We pass on these savings to our valued customers”, said Mary Allen, Business Manager at Doctors Immediate Care Inc.

After achieving tremendous success in providing effective health care of the highest quality and value, Our dedicated, highly motivated and hard working pool of qualified medical practitioners are always committed in improving the “Quality of Care” all the time apart from trying to reduce “overall Health Care costs” for the benefits of the customer.

Our Walk-in Clinics provide quality and comparative medical treatment to patients of all ages from newborns to seniors from qualified and licensed medical practitioners in a fast and timely way to avoid wait times. NO hidden Fees. No Appointment Ever needed to avail these services. Patients are treated on a first-come first-serve basis.

Our customers can make use of our Appointment Forms available here: https://doctorsimmediatecare.com/locations/ to choose next available time or reserve a time that is more convenient.

For more information about Doctors Immediate Care Inc. coupon offers;

Please visit: https://doctorsimmediatecare.com/urgent-care-coupons/