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Drug Screening Tests in Lincolnwood, IL

The Doctors Immediate Care stands for effective way to Drug Screening in Morton Grove and we conduct the examination for newly employees, existed employees and also included health care workers. We have been tied up with some organizations and we are making every possible effort to secure the best qualified and also physical as well as mental fit employees to the employers.

Don’t bother the employees for privacy and information; we take care of the employees’ privacy and kept things and factors in a highly confidential way. The Doctors Immediate Care requires testing for the Urinalysis, Blood sample, hair and saliva test and even also included sweat test; and also we perform particular jobs that require undergoing with the U.S Department of Transportation like heavy vehicles driver issue a Commercial Driving License to the qualified candidates.

We also conduct the test and examine thoroughly the employees on a yearly basis. We are covered by most of the medical insurance and also amazingly provide and serving to the health care sector.

For “Drug Screening” in Lincolnwood, Illinois. Your nearest Doctors Immediate Care is located at:

Doctors Immediate Care

3452 West Devon Ave

Phone: (847) 581-6100


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