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Drug Screening Elmhurst

The Doctors Immediate Care preferring to the Drug Screening in Elmhurst is an ideal place and we are very famous and recognized and also serving to the health care sector in a very tremendously. Mostly, we arrange and performing the test for the employers to judge the physical and mental abilities of the candidates so that the employers gain fit and talented employees and also earn income and profits in the business.

We conduct the Drug Screening test of the employees before joining the company and undergo with the following test which includes such as urine, hair, saliva and also blood test to seek expected and favorable results in a much faster way.

The Doctors Immediate Care has well-expertise and knowledgeable doctors to undergo candidates’ tests in ease and comfortable. We are always ready to welcome and admit most of the medical insurance for the candidates and also people in a convenient way; we are also retaining the full life spirit among the patients.

For “Drug Screening” in Elmhurst, Illinois. Your nearest Doctors Immediate Care is located at:

Doctors Immediate Care

18W511 Roosevelt Rd

Phone: (630) 953-4500


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