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Dot Physicals Lincolnwood

The Doctors Immediate Care plays a key role for the DOT Physical in Morton Grove and also to determine the candidates who are the best fitted and qualified in the Commercial Driving License and we are trying our level best to prevent and reduce accidents which mostly prevailing in the road highways due to of bad or unskilled driving.The DOT Physicals is conducted and arranged by the Medical Examiners of the Doctors Immediate Care by applying new tools and techniques to furnish proper and accurate results. The Doctors Immediate Care performs various tests like Urinalysis drug test,hearing and vision test, blood pressure test and also entire body checkup consisting from physical to mental.

Our doctors and medical staffs are having good-knowledge, experience and also included well-qualified to deal with the testing in a very impressive way. We don’t ask any prior appointment to consult with the doctors for above testing. The successful candidate can easily obtain the DOT Medical Card i.e. simply that legally qualified to drive Commercial driving Vehicle

For “Dot Physicals” in Lincolnwood, Illinois. Your nearest Doctors Immediate Care is located at:

Doctors Immediate Care

3452 West Devon Ave

Phone: (847) 581-6100

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