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Four Health Goals For The Best Of Your Health In 2016

It’s time to set off for a new year again. Start the year with new hope, inspiration and set goals to achieve for a better life and better health. As the month January rolls around pledge yourself to adhere to the goals you set and start following it right from the day. The new health goals for the new year should be specific, measurable and attainable so that you can take part in it actively. Your health goals is not something strange to you. Some improvement in your common habit is enough to keep you healthy throughout the year.

Four Health Goals For The Best Of Your Health In 2016


First, start by picking the bottle of water

Some Easy Steps to Balance Your Extra Calorie Intake during Thanksgiving

Burning unwanted calories is the great way to stay healthy and fit by keeping many diseases out of the way. Digestive disorders and issues like GERD and heartburn are more commonly seen among overweight people. In practice, burning the extra calories that make you overweight may seem overwhelming, but small steps of losing weight can add up to big changes in your lifestyle. Before you immerse yourself in the Thanksgiving potlucks and desserts galore we recommend some healthy tips to burn calories and enjoy the holiday season to the fullest.

Balance Your Extra Calorie Intake during Thanksgiving


For a healthy growth you need to balance the calories. Balancing calories mean maintaining a proportion between the amount you take in and burn out. By making some simple changes in your day to day habits you can do it without much hassle. Give it a good start by following some simple steps:

A Health Care Checklist to Ensure Good Health of You and Your Family

Modern lifestyle makes people too busy to care for their health. In keeping with the busy schedule they often forget about health and preventive health care steps need to be taken. On the occasion of family health & fitness day all the health conscious people should think of leading a healthy lifestyle in a comfortable way. Here’s some ways addressing the most important “to do list” making it easy for you to keep pace with a healthy life.

A Health Care Checklist to Ensure Good Health of You and Your Family

What your primary care Doctor speaks?

Let’s Empower Every Mother to Breastfeed Their Child in This World Breastfeeding Week

“Mother’s Milk is the best for babies”. Supporting the quotation the world breastfeeding week is celebrated aiming at a concerted global action to support and encourage women to breastfeed their child. Perhaps breastfeeding is the most incredible gift you offer to your child during his lifetime. In addition to all the vitamins and minerals required for your baby’s healthy growth, mother’s milk contains several substances that help him keep illness out of the way. Here are a few points describing how a child gets the most incredible gift from his mother through breastfeeding.

World Breastfeeding Week

Breastfeeding affects his intelligence

Cut Extra Calories with Smart Food Choices This Summer

The summer heat is on. It’s time to celebrate the day with cocktails at the pool or refreshing yourself with the frozen ice cream. Live this summer on your way, but keep in mind not to enlarge your waistline by adding calories in your diet. Here are a few guides to have your better choices at a backyard barbecue or beach boardwalk.

cut extra calories with smart food choices this summer

Barbecue choices for meat lovers: