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Cut Extra Calories with Smart Food Choices This Summer

The summer heat is on. It’s time to celebrate the day with cocktails at the pool or refreshing yourself with the frozen ice cream. Live this summer on your way, but keep in mind not to enlarge your waistline by adding calories in your diet. Here are a few guides to have your better choices at a backyard barbecue or beach boardwalk.

cut extra calories with smart food choices this summer

Barbecue choices for meat lovers:

Beat the Heat of Summer with Some Simple Tips

The summer is finally here. The annoying heat of the sun means you’re more exposed to several troubles like skin burn, allergy, sunstroke, heat boils and other infections. But no need to worry as you can make the summer experiences pleasurable while taking care of your health at the same time. Just follow some tips to beat the heat of summer without being prone to it.

beat the heat of summer with some simple tips


Your skin and eye health:

Common Sports Injuries That Can Be Treated at an Urgent Care

Games and sports are common part of life. Besides teaching discipline and teamwork sports help stay in shape. It’s a way life through which every child expresses their physical potential. Even sports are also considered as a great way for mental development. But the physical activity involved in sports coupled with the risk of injuries. From normal sprains to severe head injuries it can be of varied types. Fortunately, urgent care facilities are capable of treating several sports injuries. At Doctors Immediate Care, we’ve every modern facility available for treating any kind of non-life, limb or vision threatening injuries. Here’s a list of common sports injuries that can be treated at an urgent care.


Ankle or foot injuries:

Are You Getting Ready with Sports and School Physicals Season?

Are you bothering about your child’s school or sports physicals? As the new school year approaches, many parents get busier to perform the sports and school physicals of their children. As we all know it’s a mandatory task to be completed before getting admitted into school and taking participation in any sports activity.

School and Sports Physicals

Why anyone needs sports physicals?

Five Facts You Should Know About Arthritis


Arthritis affects the people of all ages. The common symptoms of arthritis include joint pain, swelling and stiffness that may vary over time. Arthritis makes life painful, causing trouble in physical activities and get worse with age leading to disabilities. Regardless of age or sex arthritis can cripple anyone. Although, nearly 53 million adults and 300,000 children have fallen victim to arthritis in America, most people are little aware about this disease and the type of arthritis they suffer.

Osteoarthritis or degenerate arthritis: