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How to Get Rid Of Rashes from Poison Ivy and Oak

Stay away from the skin irritants or simply say “leaves of three, let it be. This commonly heard advice should adhere well in your memory to get rid of some itchy and irritating days during summer. It’s not only in summer, but the nasty family of ‘three leaves’ poison Ivy and poison oak, strike year around to aid the itchy and uncomfortable days. To save yourself from the blisters and severe itching it’s important to spot the poisonous plant and learn what to do if you get exposed to it.

How to identify if a plant is poison ivy or oak?

  • One common trait of any poison ivy is it has three pointed leaves.
  • The leaves may have notched or smooth edges.
  • It can grow as a bush or vine
  • It’s common to see in the United States

Poisin Ivy

The poison oak belongs to the same family of “leaves of three” and grows in long vine that are commonly found in low shrubs in the eastern U.S. On the Pacific Coast.

If you get exposed to it Unfortunately?

Gear Up For the Sports Season with Five Simple Tips

Sports are really fun. Who can understand this better than a sport person? If you’re a competitive sportsman and gearing up for the new season, probably you’re going through a busy practice schedule. Being a little nervous about the performance is quite common among the beginners. Get relax and feel at ease as there is nothing much to worry about. You can follow some simple tips and fully immerse yourself in the fun of sports.

School and Sports Physicals

Starts with setting a goal:

Let’s Empower Every Mother to Breastfeed Their Child in This World Breastfeeding Week

“Mother’s Milk is the best for babies”. Supporting the quotation the world breastfeeding week is celebrated aiming at a concerted global action to support and encourage women to breastfeed their child. Perhaps breastfeeding is the most incredible gift you offer to your child during his lifetime. In addition to all the vitamins and minerals required for your baby’s healthy growth, mother’s milk contains several substances that help him keep illness out of the way. Here are a few points describing how a child gets the most incredible gift from his mother through breastfeeding.

World Breastfeeding Week

Breastfeeding affects his intelligence

World Hepatitis Day Let Us Take Better Action to Prevent the Viral Diseases

July 28, 2015 is observed as World hepatitis day by WHO for encouraging awareness among the people and take better action to prevent the viral diseases that takes the life of millions across the world every year. Irrespective of your age and sex hepatitis can affect anyone. Hepatitis can be of different type like A, B, C, D and E. If not vaccinated or treated earlier Hepatitis B or C can lead to advance stage when its effect could be more vicious. Nearly 80% Hepatitis causes of lever cancer death. The only way to fight for a hepatitis free world is to generate awareness about the disease and encourage people to take action.

world hepatitis day

Who are at more risk?

Those who keep close contacts with any chronically infected person, frequent travelers to high risk countries, unsafe sex with multiple partners, those who inject drugs and the healthcare workers are at high risk of getting infected with Hepatitis.

How the virus spread?

The contagious virus can spread from one person to another and can pass on from an infected mother to baby during childbirth. If one person comes to exposure of saliva, feces, blood, vaginal fluid of an infected person through the medium of water, food or sharing razors, toothbrush and needles, the virus gets transmitted.

Is unprotected sex safe for you?

However, there’re rare cases of transmission of the virus through sexual intercourse, it’s wise to use condoms while having sex. This is more likely to happen if your sexual partner is infected by other sexually transmitted disease with Hepatitis.

Tattoos are no damn good:

Avoid body piercing or tattoos from unauthorized facilities. The risk associated with body piercing comes from using non sterilized or disinfected instruments. It raises the chances of transmitting the highly contagious Hepatitis C virus.

How to protect the newborn?

Hepatitis B can be prevented through vaccination and it’s incredibly important for your child. If infants are infected during the first year of their life they’re at greater risk of developing chronic infection later. All the newborn, children and adult younger than 19 years of age who have not vaccinated yet should get it from any medical center or urgent care facilities.

If not vaccinated yet:

If you have not vaccinated yet and exposed yourself to any of the activities that makes you prone to Hepatitis, get it tested and treated. Treatments for Hepatitis C are possible and can be cured. However, hepatitis B can’t be cured, but it can be treated to slow the replication of the virus.

Donate Cord Blood: Your Awareness Can Give Life to Others.

The month of July is dedicated by the National Health Information center (NHIC) as Cord blood awareness month. Most of you might be familiar with the Umbilical cord of a baby that is discarded after a baby is born. Along with this the cord blood that remains in the attached umbilical cord of the baby gets wasted. Cord blood contains most precious and life saving stem cells. These stem cells can be extracted and stored for the future use.

Cord Blood Donation

Why the stem cells are so important?