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A Health Care Checklist to Ensure Good Health of You and Your Family

Modern lifestyle makes people too busy to care for their health. In keeping with the busy schedule they often forget about health and preventive health care steps need to be taken. On the occasion of family health & fitness day all the health conscious people should think of leading a healthy lifestyle in a comfortable way. Here’s some ways addressing the most important “to do list” making it easy for you to keep pace with a healthy life.

A Health Care Checklist to Ensure Good Health of You and Your Family

What your primary care Doctor speaks?

Your blood pressure level, drastic weight loss or gains, the level of sugar in your blood are some common vital health concern you need to check- up regularly. In case, if any imbalance found, doctors can make recommendations to address the issue.
Based upon your condition, your primary care doctor would recommend certain changes in your lifestyle to best prevent them.

Dental check-up

Twice in a year check up of your teeth is recommended for good oral health. Despite being brushed regularly, your teeth may face problems like cavities, toothache, decay, gum diseases or oral cancer, which a dentist can identify and you may not.

Take your skin care

Excessive exposure to sunlight and other causes can damage your skin. You need to check your skin on a regular basis and if any changes detected, it should be brought to the dermatologist attention to avoid skin cancer.

Vaccination, Get yourself immunized

Flu Shot: beat the flu before it hits you. The Flu shot is recommended before the start of flu season, generally during October.
Depending upon your age and recommendation you may also require vaccinations for Hepatitis, Polio, Tetanus, chickenpox, meningitis and pneumonia. Doses for each one are varied.

Care after forty

With growing age, some more checkups are recommended for you. Consult with your primary care physician and he may recommend you screening for prostate cancer, cholesterol screen and other health issues. Get the test done as mentioned by your physician.

Eye care-as you grow older, your vision may trouble you. So, a regular eye check up is recommended after the age of 40.

Once you cross the age of 50 years you need a few additional screenings on the recommendation of your primary care doctor. These all include colonoscopy, bone density scans, hearing test and other depending upon your health condition.

Besides the health care check up keeping yourself active with regular physical activity ensures better health of you and your family.

At Doctors Immediate Care, we believe in preventive care for you and your family. Our primary care doctors serve as a resource for information and dedicated to helping you stay healthy, walk ins are welcome all the seven days in a week from 9.00 A.M to 9.00 P.M.